13 February 2009

Head Drawing: Add Some Tilt

This is where I'm at with head drawing on a good day. For this drawing, I modified the model's gesture by adding a slight tilt of the head to the left to added energy (and interest) that might not be there if the head was drawn straight up. A simple way to push the pose, and the main lesson I learned from this drawing session. I drew this portrait with a Conte Pierre Noire 1710 2B charcoal pencil on smooth newsprint. It took about 2 hours to complete.

(Added note: I only post drawings which are solely my work. In class, instructors often demo directly on student paintings and drawings. I have lots of good drawings that aren't all mine. You won't see those here.)

Van 2009, charcoal on newsprint, 24 x 18


  1. James, Thanks for your kind assessment. Not as colorful as the beautiful work I saw at your blog. The beach landscape is gorgeous. Something for me to aspire to. Regards.