10 February 2009

Portraits from Photos III

This is the final portrait I drew for the "Portraits from Photos" class. Again, the basic technique was to lay in the drawing with a graphite pencil, add large areas of value with powdered charcoal and a brush, then work the image up with graphite pencils and a kneaded eraser.

I find it hard to do my best work if I'm not emotionally connected to the image I'm about to draw. I don't have to be really excited, just enough to sustain me to that point where I suspect the piece might work. Then I'm just excited about creating something visually appealing.

I asked my husband to sit for this one. I designed his pose to convey a sense of dignity. He thinks he looks mad, but he likes the portrait overall. This drawing took me roughly 18 hours to complete.

Tim 2008, graphite and charcoal on bristol board, 10 x 8

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