10 March 2009

Bouguereau Master Study

My post today is a master study in graphite of the painting Baigneuse Accroupie by William Bouguereau. I completed this for “Figure Drawing from Photos”, a class taught by Lucas Graciano at the Watts Atelier.

For me the class was an unexpected lesson on the value of master studies. The most significant lesson learned was about the value of careful observation. I've never observed anything in such a careful, focused way and I realized that this is yet another skill I need to cultivate if I want to develop artistically. And because of focused observation, I had many a-ha moments in this class, when technical advice I’d heard over and over finally began to sink in...about edge control, anatomy, modeling the form. It was a pleasure and a revelation.

My source photo was downloaded from Art Renewal Center. The basic technique was the same as described in my post on cast drawing. I completed this drawing in about 35 hours.

From my book shelf, some books I highly recommend, that touch on master studies:

Baigneuse Accroupie after William Bouguereau, 2008, 16 x 16, graphite on bristol board


  1. hi Candace, how are you?? well, is an honor for me award you with the Fabulous Blog Award cuase i think your blog and your work is excellent. visit my site and have a look.

  2. Hi Candace,
    All I can say is WOW. You truly captured the old masters technique with this drawing. Great job.

  3. Hi, This is a beautiful piece of work, The tones and the shading are great.

  4. Very nice. youre making me popular at amazon with all these books i keep buying,,lawd!!

  5. James, I love good books, always looking at them for inspiration. When I find a good one I need to tell the world. Hope you enjoy your purchases.

  6. Joan and Grahame, Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

  7. Great work, always respect your drawings!

  8. That is a excellent job, very nice gradations, which I find hard to do in graphite.
    As always very inspiring work.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Hi Candace,
    I like your blog very much & am learning a lot.BTW fantastic drawing! Well done!