22 April 2009

Portraits from Photos IV

Just posting a few practice head drawings today. These are from photos shot by Richard Avedon and published in his autobiography. I really like drawing weathered, mature faces. There's so much going on, rhythms are more obvious, edges are harder, and all those creases...just so much more interesting than a young, smooth face. The challenge here was the lack of strong directional lighting, but that also gave me a chance to interpret the images, which I need to practice more.

One thing that helps my drawings alot is to add variety whenever I can. That means lost-and-found edges, uneven shading, adding blemishes and bumps, and introducing a little chaos occasionally. Seems to be a common beginner's mistake to make things too smooth and even, leading to some really awful results.

It took about 3 hours for each drawing, using Conte charcoal pencils on smooth newsprint.

Top: Samuel Beckett, writer 2009, 16x12, charcoal on newsprint
Bottom: Vladimir Horowitz, pianist 2009, 16x12, charcoal on newsprint


  1. Hello Candace,

    you actually give to your portraits a soul, they are so comunicative to me, great works.

  2. Sam's looking a bit more breezy than we've come to expect.

  3. Limbolo, Maybe some mousse involved. Thanks for visiting. Love your work.

  4. Marco, Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed your recent posts on Nudes in Art, practice, and others. Art is more than pretty pictures. Grazie.