13 January 2010

John M. Mora at typos.daylight.fate

A quick note about a blog I follow and enjoy...typos.daylight.fate. Distinct from the type of art I post, but compatible. John M. Mora is a photographer who shoots candids with his BB around Manhattan. Aside from just being fun to look at, I find the abstract compositions in his photo library to be a rich source for ideas and inspiration. See a few of my favorites below (hope you don't mind, John). John also does photo montages or "quilts", and just posted one made by sampling my "Emma Zorn" master study. It's allowed me to see that image in a new way, and gives me some inkling of the appeal of artistic collaboration.

Look through the photos in some of his older posts...find some favorites.


  1. yes , he has an incredible good work .
    thank you for this link !

  2. Thank you, Candace for this link! I am enjoying it so much.

  3. Hi Tina and Caio. Glad you enjoy it. Always good to sample different artistic perspectives. Lots of surprises in his images. Best. C