15 December 2010

Wrapping up 2010

The term at Watts is over in a few days, and so is 2010.  I am so ready for a break.  I'm hunkered down, trying to get the brush mileage in, as they say...ultimately, the only way to learn how to paint in oils is through experience.  This requires lots of starts and oil sketches, which is what I'm posting today.  These paintings from life (12 x 9 on linen), completed in Meadow Gist's portrait painting class, took about 2 hours each.  Each painting taught me something new about color, technique, materials, my own motivations...I strive for a painterly look, the big planes and broad strokes à la Sargent and Sorolla, but that is so much easier to read about than to achieve.  I have a long journey ahead.  There is so much to know and so many possibilities on the way forward.

My hopes for 2011 are that I evolve as a painter (ie. I master putting paint on the canvas where I want it to go), I launch a website, and my art becomes financially self-supporting.  It is time.

Sincere thanks to everyone who connected with me this year.  What a complete pleasure and inspiration to hear your candid words about your work and mine. Passion for art makes quick friends...I am grateful for our exchanges.

I'm  spending the holidays in Greece with friends and family. Won't be back here 'til the first week of January.  I hope you enjoy the quiet deep dark days of Winter, with those you love close by.  Put on a warm sweater, light a fire, pour a glass of blood-red wine...give thanks for your art.

Best in 2011.