14 January 2011

Art Book Love

I'm crazy for books...but you know that if you come around here very often.  I've accumulated quite a few art technique books during my art student years.  Today I'm posting a list of my favorite "A-list" art technique books...my "go to" books when I need help.  This post doesn't include my books on artists, art history, art business, art philosophy...or my "B-list" technique books. 

Most artists hunger for good art books...we're visual learners.  Some would argue you can't learn art from a book, they're probably right.  But reading about art is one way I get motivated and inspired, and I do pick up tips and techniques.  Art technique books are nice to have around when a specific problem arises.  And, occasionally, I get more from a book than from a class or workshop.  Depends on the subject and the book.

I'm always on the lookout for new books...what are your favorites?  I don't care what area of art you prefer, if you think it's good, I need to know...please post to comments or drop me an e-mail.  Click on the images below to see my picks...a few of these books are hard to find, but most are available through Amazon.  I recommend them all.  

(Apologies to non-English speaking visitors for the regretful language divide...I only have English-language books. Of interest, a good US source for non-English art books is Nucleus in Los Angeles, California.)