22 February 2011

Artwork Purchase

I finally purchased a painting from Jeff Watts, a gifted teacher and the founder of our school.  The first meeting of each painting class at Watts is usually an instructor demonstration and lecture.  This piece is the demo Jeff painted for a class I'm taking this term called "Portraits in Oil: Exploring Different Lighting".  There's something about it I find transcendent. 

Jeff has an expressive style and uses lots of paint.  It's hard to see from this photo, but the strokes are fresh and juicy, and except for the lights, the passages have a colorful, transparent quality.  Beautiful.

Sacha  oil on linen,  16 x 12

Jeff completed this sketch from life in 2 hours.  Here is a brief YouTube clip showing his handling of a similar oil sketch.  Worth a viewing if you are interested in the alla prima method.


  1. Candace, awesome purchase!

    Thank you so much for sharing the video, I enjoy discovering new artist, but this was great. When Jeff Watts was mentioning the balance between abstraction and rendering, control and chaos I found it hitting home for me!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Candace,
    Thats a very nice painting you've purchased! Sometimes, I too feel like buying some master's artwork (if only they are affordable...lol) I'm sure it'll provide much inspiration to you!
    And thank you for sharing this wonderful video. I'll be content with just watching him paint :))

  3. Daniel, I see that balance in your figurative work, too, especially backgrounds. It's inspiring to see a master manage those contrasting elements. Easy to lose control, but when the balance is right...incredible. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hey, Ramesh. The masterworks are definitely not inexpensive. Another way I'm considering adding to my tiny collection is by trading with other artist friends and fellow students. The price is right and there's lots of talent out there.

    Congratulations again on your recent sales. Those pieces are beautiful. (Maybe we could do a trade :o)

  5. Hi Candace,
    Thanks for the link to the Youtube video, I enjoyed it very much. His other dvd's look very intersting too especially the one about the different color palettes. Must be great to watch him work and take his class.

  6. Erik, It inspiring to watch Jeff work, and he is an awesome teacher, too...better than most imo. I'm grateful his school is close by. I think the dvd you mention is the one on gesture portrait painting in 3 different palettes. It's a good one, I have it and recommend it. Thanks for stopping by, Erik.

  7. I bought some art today too--! I think you made a very wise decision purchasing this! Thanks for the video too. I will watch it soon :)

  8. Hey, Celeste. I'm embarrassed my collection is so skimpy. Need to do something about that. I'm heading over to your blog to see if you posted your purchase. Thanks for visiting. Candace.