13 February 2013

Portrait Sketches in Oil...and the Cecilia Beaux Forum Mentoring Program

I'm posting recent oil sketches from life...proof I'm out here working.  Why paint from life?  It's exciting, for one thing.  It sharpens observational, paint mixing, drawing, and brushwork skills. Time constraints force decisiveness and keep things loose. And decisions regarding color/value/edge haven't been made for you...as with a photo.  Of course, I paint from photos, too, but it's nowhere near as satisfying.  The oil sketches below were painted from life in 2-3 hours on 12x9" linen board.

Here is a link to some earlier oil sketches, posted in July 2010, when I was just starting to paint.  When you're just starting, you think you'll master it in no time. Instructors make it look easy.  Then you discover the truth...painting is hard.   To master the medium, you've got to paint a lot and really want it.


Regarding atelier training...I'm no longer a full-time student....

After 5 years of art technique classes at Watts Atelier, it was time for change.  I was a bit sad about it at first, but it's a natural progression and the right thing to do.  Last fall, I applied to a mentoring program sponsored by the Cecilia Beaux Forum of the Portrait Society of America, which allows more individualized training in key areas I need to improve...to move the art forward.

Happy to say, I was accepted into the program and paired with Lea Colie Wight.  Very excited.  Lea is an accomplished representational artist and teaches at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia.  We will connect by phone and online every few weeks.  The mentorship lasts through August, and I will post updates.