19 June 2013

Scraping Down to Soften Edges in an Oil Painting

I recently came across a technique, called "scraping down", in a short video by Marc Delassio.  I tried it last weekend during a portrait painting session. I like the results it produced.

Maryam, 11x9", oil on linen
Here's what I did:

I started by painting a quick portrait of the model in about 40 minutes.  I got the big shapes down and used plenty of paint.  I added the lips and large eye shapes, but not too much detail.

Next, I scraped down the image.  The video shows how.

Then I softened all the edges with my fingers.  This produced a gauzy, and surprisingly accurate, portrait.  My mind's eye filled in the blanks. 

I spent the rest of the session adding back a few hard edges, adjusting shapes and values and painting in the details.

It actually sped up the process and allowed me to get more done during the session.  And I like the results it produced.  I could have worked the edges better, but I was starting to get bored...needed to move on.

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