20 July 2014

Drawings of Hands

Hands are so critical to a good portrait...almost as expressive as the face.  These are from photos I collect while photographing Matt, the subject of the my last post.  I like his hands. 

When I drew them, I was looking for a finger hierarchy, picking a focal finger to push the "pose" a bit.  That's usually the pointer, thumb or pinky.  The 2 mid fingers tend to act together as supporting players.

Proof that practice helps: I drew the hands on the second sheet first.  You may notice they look simpler, not as well drawn.  By the time I got to the top sheet above, I was warmed up.

Drawn with willow charcoal and Wolff's 4B carbon pencil on smooth newsprint (18x24").

1 comment:

  1. these are lovely drawings. I remember jeremy lipking talking about when he paints the hands he only uses highlights on 1 finger and down plays the other highlights.