05 September 2015

End of Summer

My daughter, and only child, Amanda just moved away. Family is one thing more important to me than my art, so I took a break to enjoy the summer with her.  I'm glad I did, we had a great couple of months.  But she's gone now, and I'm ready to get back to the easel.  Thank you for your patience.

Wedding Day, 8x10" oil on board

Today's painting is a wedding anniversary gift.  Painted from a poor quality reference photo, which actually allowed me to do some inventing.  That was fun.  I tried to keep the brushwork loose.  The only hard part was the grooms' face...an odd, foreshortened profile.  I could have kept refining the painting, but I'm sure that would have ruined it.  So I quit while I was ahead.

The painting is small.  The heads are only about 1.5" which made them harder to paint.  For that reason, I did a pencil sketch first, sealed with fixative, then a raw umber underpainting, followed by the color layer. 

Here is a detailed view.

And finally, the framed image...


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