18 November 2015

Landscape Master Copies

I've been starting to paint landscapes the last few months, a diversion from painting people.  I have very little experience with the landscape so I'm taking a 4-pronged approach to learning.  I'm going out and painting en plein air weekly, I'm doing lots of reading (mostly Carlson, Albala, MacPherson and Handell), I'm planning to take some workshops in 2016, and I'm doing master copies of sketches I like.

Master copying is a great learning tool if you're paying attention.  I have used this tool often in the past.  I've copied Sargent, Schmid, Rembrandt and Zorn for painting and Bouguereau, Repin and various inking masters for drawing.  Whoa, didn't realize I'd done so many.  Time well spent.

Today I'm posting master copies of some plein air sketches by contemporary painters.  Of course, the artists have done all the work here, interpreting nature with their own unique visions. Copying allowed me to better understand their approaches.  It's like taking a quick class from each artist.

All copies are 6x6" or 6x8", painted on Claussens #16 linen taped to foam core.  Each took about 2-3 hours to complete.  I wasn't going for an exact copy.  I was trying to reproduce the effects of light and depth that each painting achieved.  I learned a huge amount.

After Brian Blood

After Barbara Jaenicke, original in pastel.

After Ray Roberts

After Richard Oversmith

After Brian Belfield


  1. Hi Candace,
    Well, it appears that you've already mastered their various styles, so what's the next mountain to climb.
    With this post, you've certainly demonstrated the benefits of a proper art education. Most impressive.
    Enjoy your Friday.

    1. Hi, Gary, Sorry for the slow response. The holidays are here and I am buried in non-art commitments. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here and in all the other posts this year. I have appreciated the insights you shared and look forward to more in 2016. You are a generous soul, Gary. Best, Candace.

  2. I'm taking a landscape class with Lynn Gertenbach and it is so interesting. You are so right. Time well spent. :)

    1. Karen, Would love to hear more about the class. Is that at LAAFA? The biggest challenge for me is picking the training experiences that give the biggest bang for the time spent. Life is short and art is long. Please post your output for the class, Karen, I'd love to see it. Warm regards, Candace.

    2. Hi Candace, I (as well) am sorry for the slow response (due to the holidays as well). Hope you see this. I will post my efforts of Lynn's class (gave one away already) and yes, at LAAFA. I have an equal mix of positive and negative towards her class, but overall she is a warm and lovely person who knows her craft and I did learn a thing or two. Cheers and happy holidays to you!