30 August 2018

More Charcoal and White Chalk Portrait Drawings

Hello, I'm back with a few more recent portrait drawings.

The first was drawn from a photo as a preliminary sketch for a portrait painting.  I usually don't like toothy smiles, but this is for a posthumous portrait and the smile fits this sitters personality.  She was an avid gardener, and the painting will convey the joy she got from getting dirt under her fingernails.

The second was drawn from life during a 2-hour session.  I draw from life as often as possible to keep my skills up.  The work suffers over time if everything is painted from photos. 

Daisy in the Garden, charcoal and chalk on toned paper, 9 x 11"

Ellie (from life), charcoal and chalk on paper, 9x11"

11 August 2018

Some New Portrait Drawings

Here are some recent drawings I created as studies for upcoming portrait paintings.  This is a classic technique that produces beautiful results.  The paper tone stands in for middle values, the white chalk represents the lights and the charcoal creates the darks.

I like to work a portrait up in stages.  During the preliminary drawing, I get to know the sitter's face, and solve most of the issues I will encounter before the paint comes out.  At the completion of the commission clients may chose to purchase the preliminary sketch, too.  A little add-on.

Of course, some clients prefer a drawn portrait rather than a painted one, that's also an option.

The studies below were drawn from photos using vine charcoal, charcoal pencil, Pan Pastel and white chalk on Canson pastel paper.

Your comments are welcome.  DM me for more information if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, painted or drawn.

Lynn (study), 9x12"

Amanda in Black (study), 9x12"