30 August 2018

More Charcoal and White Chalk Portrait Drawings

Hello, I'm back with a few more recent portrait drawings.

The first was drawn from a photo as a preliminary sketch for a portrait painting.  I usually don't like toothy smiles, but this is for a posthumous portrait and the smile fits this sitters personality.  She was an avid gardener, and the painting will convey the joy she got from getting dirt under her fingernails.

The second was drawn from life during a 2-hour session.  I draw from life as often as possible to keep my skills up.  The work suffers over time if everything is painted from photos. 

Daisy in the Garden, charcoal and chalk on toned paper, 9 x 11"

Ellie (from life), charcoal and chalk on paper, 9x11"


  1. I really like these, Candice. Great to see that you haven't completely deserted the blogosphere!

    1. Peter, Thanks for your comments. It's good to hear from you. I go back and forth on whether to keep blogging. But it's not a huge time sink and compared to other social media forms it's probably the most personal and authentic, which I value. So I continue after all. Glad to see you are sticking with it, too!

  2. Well, my own posts are infrequent at the moment, but with the prospect of a dedicated work space in the near future, I can confidently predict that art - and blogging - will be on my agenda like never before!

    I realised recently that I haven't completed a painting since 2009, and it's as if there's a void in my life waiting to be filled, even though other projects and life events have conspired to fill up my spare time.

    There's definitely a place for blogging that other platforms can never replace (in my opinion). Your posts on notan, and those describing the evolution of your artworks are invaluable, and I just can't see how you could impart that information by other means.

    1. Hard to believe you haven't finished a piece in that long. Maybe you have a shot at it with your current lion composition. You can do it !! :D

      Re blogging, as soon as I decided to stop I had regrets. Instagram feels shallow compared to blogging, but I like the visual nature of it, making it a logical add-on. And there is more reach there, too. I will continue both for now.

      Thanks again for you comments, Peter. I'll be watching your progress on the studio.