27 July 2019

A New Portrait of Amanda

Today's portrait has been a long time in the making.  I did this 2-color study of the pose about 4 years ago. Sometimes it takes a long incubation before the idea floats to the surface.  This piece depicts my daughter around the time she left home and moved away to start her own life.  It was a hard time for me, learning how to let go.  I survived and grew from the experience, which is why I could finally express it in paint. 

The working title is "Lost and Found".  That will probably change, it's a bit too sentimental imo.   Click this link for a detailed description of my painting process.

Lost and Found, Oil on linen board, 12x16"


And here she is framed...

If you are considering a portrait commission, please visit my website at candacexmoore.com to learn about my process and pricing. Then drop me an email and we'll talk.  Until then, thanks for visiting.


  1. A beautiful painting, and a fabulous keepsake. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it.

    1. Thanks, Peter. So nice to hear from you. This painting is still in progress. Hopefully, there will be something left for her to treasure. I'm feeling wreckless with the paint at the moment. Trying to focus on enjoying the process instead of whether I will get a good result. I will post the final piece.

  2. Beautiful portrait! Looks very realistic.Well done!